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Areas of Expertise


Anxiety can often stem from a feeling of unsafety; feeling overwhelmed and worrying that something awful is about to happen.  These feelings might develop suddenly or over time, possibly after one or more traumatic experiences.  Living with anxiety can be limiting, even debilitating. Together, we will explore your anxious feelings, make sense of what is at their core and what is needed to soothe those feelings and move towards a place of long-lasting healing.  

Depression can often stem from feelings of hopelessness and a sense of helplessness to make positive changes.  Living with depression can feel like a loss of motivation to do things you once enjoyed doing and a persistent low-mood can mean getting through the basic of daily life tasks requires great effort.  Together, we will explore and understand where these feelings are coming from and learn effective strategies for lasting change.
Relationship Issues

Relationship difficulties are different for everyone.  Perhaps there is a loss of intimacy, affection or fun.  You may be experiencing sexual difficulties or wondering how to move forward after an affair or betrayal. Family relationships might feel emotionally disconnected or disrupted, perhaps following a separation or loss. Communicating our relationship needs can be difficult and sometimes lead to conflict.  Whether you are currently single, in a new/long-term relationship, or are feeling distress with family members, I will help you to explore your relationship(s) with a view of discovering your own relational and emotional patterns, effectively communicate your relationship needs and experience healthy and satisfying relationships.

My Approach

As an integrative psychotherapist, I recognise that no one therapeutic approach can be the solution to all problems.  As such, my work is informed by a range of psychological theories and therapeutic approaches; the person-centred approach being at the core, meaning you will be able to express yourself in an accepting and non-judgemental environment.  Where appropriate, I will incorporate elements from other approaches that best suit your individual needs to best help you achieve the changes you are hoping for.  


Every person has their own individual needs and expectations from therapy. Our work together might involve exploring distressing past or present experiences, unwanted repeating relationship patterns and processing understandings and emotions at a deeper level. That same process will be different for each person; I tailor my approach to best help you to explore and process your emotions, and gain the confidence to overcome life adversities.  



My Approach
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