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Lisa Sproson

Psychotherapist and Counsellor

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist, Certified Complex Trauma Professional, Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP), Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP) and qualified Psychology Lecturer.  I help people who are looking to overcome a range of distressing emotions and difficult life experiences such as anxiety, stress, depression, feelings of low self-worth, abuse, trauma, relationship difficulties and sexual issues.  I work from a person-centred core, bringing in elements from a range of psychological theories and therapeutic approaches where helpful to my clients' personal needs and goals.  Working at your individual pace, I use my training to help you make sense of your current situation, break free from your past, heal deep trauma and attachment wounds and move towards a life where you feel safe and confident to thrive.  


My vision is to provide a professional, evidence-based, modern and relaxed therapeutic environment whereby my clients feel safe to express and explore deep and difficult emotions with a view of discovering a fulfilling way of living.  


Book a free 20 minute no obligation session with me now for a relaxed conversation about what you would like to gain from therapy and how I will help you achieve the change you are looking for.   


Book an Appointment

Schedule a free no obligation 20 minute online consultation. 

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Low Self-Worth, Relationship Difficulties, Affairs and Betrayals, Child Related issues, Menopause, Identity Issues, Abuse, Domestic Violence, Trauma, Work-related Issues,, Emotion Regulation, Personal Development.  

I have a first-class Masters degree in Clinical Integrative Psychotherapy, a first-class degree in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, and a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.  I am a Certified Complex Trauma Professional, Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP), and Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP).  I am a member of The British Psychological Society and a member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.   


I am friendly, open and non-judgemental. My clients value the confidential and trusting relationship we build together and feel how much I respect and care for them.  My work is founded on current and established research. Some of the areas I have experience working with include: anxiety, stress, depression, relationship difficulties such as, betrayal, separation/divorce, sexual difficulties, domestic violence, abuse, living with addiction, childhood trauma, parenting conflicts, menopause, low self-worth, burnout and general life difficulties.


Contact Me

I offer confidential online sessions via Zoom and face-to-face sessions at my therapy room in Wilmslow.  

To help you make that first step I offer a free no obligation 20 minute consultation.  Book your consultation by clicking 'book a session', emailing me at, texting me on 07973287405, or fill in the form below.  


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7 Hawthorn Lane



Telephone: 07973287405 


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